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MUTCH, Lindsay.—

Our friend Lindsay Mutch died this

day last year. A lovely man, a great

journo, a funny guy.

Lindsay, if only we’d known you

were going to kark it, we would

have borrowed more money.

Belinda, Carolyn, John, Phil, Bill.


That’s the memorial notice the Supplements Dept of The Dominion Post put in for Lindsay in the DomPost to mark our year of not having him around the office.

 The joke is, nobody every borrowed money from Lindsay, the bugger was always broke, usually spending his money on, among other things, friends, workmates and his family.

Anyway, to do something a bit more constructive than moping around, I thought I would try and print up one of Lindsay’s completed works. It is a novella called Dispirited and is a super tale of the supernatural set in a place not a gazillion miles from Timaru. An extract is below, just to serve as a taste, but the general plan is to see how many people would like a copy, and then get them printed up. (It sounds so simple now …)

At the moment it looks like costing about $16 -$17 per copy. There’s no commitment, but if you would like to be put onto a select mailing list, just email me with the words Lindsay Book in the subject line.  I will do my best not to harvest your email addresses to on-sell them  to Lithuanian Sensual Ladies or whatever the hell places my email gets sent to for reasons I am completely innocent of.

The email address is    (it stands for Kiwi Space Patrol, the company behind the uncelebrated Internet sci fi comedy Super Awesome Mega Battle Tank which Lindsay enjoyed mocking, mainly because of its super-high production values and peerless acting. He also created a couple of props for it.)
So give me an indication of how many copies you might like, and whether you would like the deluxe starlight and pixie dust version (bound in golden unicorn leather), or the wood pulp and black ink version.

Anyway,  herebe some words from the start.  For free.

Chapter One


  As the days passed he lazed in a rocking chair on the veranda of the two-bedroom weatherboard cottage he called home, and the council called derelict.

  A loose board on the veranda creaked both loudly and annoyingly with every rock of the chair. Its sound was similar to that harmonic symphony created by an eight-year-old child two weeks into violin lessons.

  The rocking chair would rock forward, the board would creak, andZakwould remind himself to fix it – straight after lunch.

 Zakwas racing into his retirement head-on. He had pondered his fruitful and reasonably successful life, and decided it was time to relax and quietly dwindle away his twilight years.

  At 25,Zakneeded as much time as possible to mentally prepare for the impending onset of middle-age. He shivered to think he was more than halfway there.

  His promising career in unemployment had ended rather suddenly at 19, when he was employed as an apprentice exorcist. He soon settled into the more mundane aspects of non-consensual spiritual release (politically correct speak for exorcism).

 Zak’s four year apprenticeship as an exorcist ended, and he started his own business.

  A year later, a skilful combination of extremely high fees, incredibly low costs and a very, very clever accountant, enabledZakto retire comfortably. (He felt guilty that so many people were being forced to retire uncomfortably, but with true caring he thanked God it wasn’t him and thought about something else instead.)

(All copyright and fiercesome legal stuff – Lindsay Mutch)


And that’s your lot for the moment. Just a wee taste. It’s got lots of great stuff … ancient demons, annoying ghosts, a rat kingdom … by hokey, a person would be mad not to pre-order a copy.


[And thanks to Rachel C. and Cheryl K. for organising the memorial notice in the DomPost. ]


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June 27, 2011 at 5:07 am

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  1. Hey there Biily-bob it’s Willy-jo here…. just kinda accidentally found this here site with tributes to you …
    Can’t believe its gone a whole year now since you departed on your journey with the star walkers mate. I love reading all the comments and words here for you. Following the two quakes in Chch I now find myself here in Wellyville and living very near where I last said good bye to you my brother. I did my best to haka up a one man storm to scare away the denizens of darkness lol… oddly enough I still wake on some nights expexcting a ‘drunk dialing Lindsa to call… thats when i dig out our collaborations from the 80’s and early 90’s and read them promising to finish those not yet complete but just can’t seem to find the groove we had when we wrote together, I feel they will end up being more my style than our weird united madness… Anyway you bugger, I will check in here more often now I know its here… might even add some of the very early Mutchisms I have on my volumous files and notes and letters etc…

    Fly well Billy-Bob aka Whatu Mutch

    Willy-Jo aka Awatea


    October 6, 2011 at 1:24 am

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